Sunday 6 November 2016

Books at the Dis-ability ... This Ability Exhibition

At the exhibition there will be a selection of books, notebooks, bookmarks, poetry and postcards, prints and sculptures available. Also some paper art, see here

The Puppet- Project book "Life Outside the Box
Framed Poetry by Amy Fitzgerald
author of Freedom to Fly 

Covers of the ten blank notebooks!

Books by Corina Duyn
 including Into the Light,
which has been shortlisted for a CAP Independent Author award 2016 
Art Postcards by Corina Duyn
Also Prints from Into the Light

Also Postcards by Ann O'Grady and Paintings by Pat Coffey, of which one is also on the cover of one of the notebooks (second from left - bottom row), and bookmarks from the Puppet books and Into the Light, and a few sculptures.

So something for everybody!

If you can't make it to the exhibition, a lot of the books and cards are available here.

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